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MOHAA Server Questions...

Started by Spyke, October 10, 2006, 02:52:33 PM

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First things first, following Vyanna...err Vy...d'oh Beckys, lead from her post I have also been asked to join a clan who only plays Mohaa.
It is {FragFest} and they are a great bunch of guys who are very similar to the {HamsteR}s in that they promote fair play, no abuse etc and they are an "older" bunch.. :lol:

When playing Mohaa I will be known as {FragFest}Pfc.Spyke.

I will always be a {HamsteR} no matter what the tag says and the Frag boys are cool with that.

I hope that this is allright with you guys.

I thought that I'd post this here as I don't know how often anyone looks in the Mohaa forum plus I can't seem to find the info I need by Search...if this needs to be moved please go ahead.

Anyways, 5 years later and i'm finally getting around to setting up a Mohaa server. Great fun!! I am learning a lot of stuff on the fly and have already had a little help from |fury|.
Router Ip's, config files, opening ports, map lists, it's all great fun.

I decided to run my own server using Custom Maps (available at tmmworld.com if you register). I only opened up 8 slots to keep it small as so far I'm only using the basic DSL and not the "Ultra" that my IP also sells. I'm holding out for Cable but for now this DSL seems to give me everything I need...

So it's up and running, I have learned a lot about rcon (excellent tool) and now have a couple of questions.

I'd like to run custom announcements such as "maps can be downloaded at", "no swearing or abusive attitudes", "map rotation is" that sort of thing.
I've seen this on a number of sites but am unfamiliar with what to use.

It seems Crowkings Autokick is popular and it looks as though it gives me everything I need as far as kicking/banning/announcements etc but so far I can't seem to configure it properly. Will prolly post on their forums as I can install and run the program but it doesn't seem to see my server even though I have given it the ip and rcon password. I think I have the proper ports open.

What did you guys use "back in the day"? Any idea what's hot now? Unfortunately the guy that knows that stuff for Frag is really hard to get ahold of.

I think that twotoes is still into mohaa and I hope that he will see this and maybe be able to shed some light.

Any help/tips or suggestions would be great.

I will post the IP (and map rotation) for anyone interested when I get back home as I can't remember it right now. The name of the server is Spykes Custom Maps (real original that one  :P ) .

I'm really having fun doing this stuff and I can see how you guys must have felt the same...back in like 2002 or so heh.

Now if I can just break down and buy BF2 or something, I have CoD 2 but so far I'm not really that impressed with it. The graphics are wicked but the gameplay just doesn't do it for me. (Mohaa looks mighty fine on my new system by the way, it's like a totally new game).

o/ Spyke


Quote from: Spykeand they are an "older" bunch.. :lol:

What ya saying? eh? eh?


Well back in the day (2002 ish) before I became a {HamsteR} I was going around trying out new maps on the Mohaa servers and I found this one.

I did some searching on it and it came up with a post from some forum which called the members of the {HamsteR}s  "A bunch of old British Guys" or words to that effect.

I can't find the link anymore but to this day I still laugh when I think about that.  :lol:

Pffft, like they're British.... :banana2:




I got auotkick running (thanks |fury|  :D ).

Now I found a half decent tutorial and I'm going to see where it takes me.

One thing is bugging me though, my external IP keeps changing every few days or so. This is the one for my router. I've heard about getting a "static IP" from my ISP ( n00b alert!! ), but is this normal?

I thought that your IP was your IP unless you reset the modem or something.  :?

The server machine (in one bedroom) hasn't shut off for a week, and my main gaming machine ( rec room ) has been turned off a few times... :signhelp:

We can't bust heads like we used to, but we have our ways. One trick is to tell 'em stories that don't go anywhere -- like the time I caught the ferry over to Shelbyville. I needed a new heel for my shoe, so, I decided to go to Morganville, which is what they called Shelbyville in those days. So I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time. Now, to take the ferry cost a nickel, and in those days, nickels had pictures of bumblebees on 'em. 'Give me five bees for a quarter,' you'd say.
"Now where were we? Oh yeah -- the important thing was that I had an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time. They didn't have white onions because of the war. The only thing you could get was those big yellow ones..."  :olddood:


get a static onion belt. er i mean ip.. it'll make your life a lot easier :)



Called my ISP and upgraded to their "Ultra" service (DSL). Not really all that Ultra but It'll do for now until the Cable comes through.

They tell me that they do not offer static Ips for Residential Customers... :(.

To setup a buisness account which basically only gives me a Static Ip....get ready...they're looking for $100 per month!! Holy!!  8O


That's roughly twice what I'm paying now just to have a Static IP.

Anyway, 'long story short,' is a phrase whose origins are complicated and rambling.




Thanks for the link Calibrax, I'll look into that further when I get home and see of I can  a) make use of it and b) make my feeble brain understand it..or should that be in the reverse order. :lol:

From this site >>>>>  http://www.tmmworld.com/Default.aspx?tabid=56

I did this part... which worked fine. I opened up 12201 - 12210 and then a 12300 - 12300 instead of single entries..

  Medal of Honor Allied Assault  (MOHAA) Port Range
Description  Protocol  From To
Allied Assault Monitoring Port UDP 12201 12201
Allied Assault Alternate Game Port (Opt. w/net port) UDP 12202 12202
Allied Assault Default Server Port UDP 12203 12203
Allied Assault Alternate Port (Opt w/net port) UDP 12204 12210
Allied Assault Master UDP Query Port UDP 12300 12300

Server works well except for the Dynamic IP thing.

Now this is where I am.

When using ASE I can't track anyone when they come into my server. Actually my server doesn't show up at all.
If we/they join any other servers the tracking system works fine(I have a couple of buds in my buddy tracking).
I'm left to assume that since I haven't opened the ports listed below (look at the link supplied above for a clearer view) that I will have to do so to allow the ASE (GaySpy/XFire) software to work properly.

No problem. The thing is my router does not support a "both" setting so I need to know if I/should I go and open all of the ports listed in TCP, then go back and do it again in UDP?

I don't mind doing it for both but I'm so new at this I wouldn't know if it was silly to do both the TCP/UDP when just one will do or even if there is something listed there which throws up a huge red flag for those who know about this sort of thing. As in "Jesus, whatever you do, do not open up that port..."

From the site....

For all game types, make sure to open / forward the ports for GameSpy to open it up for players to find.   

GameSpy (for all game types) Port Range
Description  Protocol  From To
GameSpy Custom UDP Pings TCP & UDP 13139 13139
GameSpy Master Server UDP Heartbeat TCP & UDP 27900 27900
GameSpy Master Server List Request TCP & UDP 28900 28900
GameSpy Connection Manager & Search TCP & UDP 29900 29900
GameSpy GP Search Manager TCP & UDP 29901 29901
GameSpy Query Port TCP & UDP 6500 6500
GameSpy Dplay UDP  TCP & UDP 6515 6515
GameSpy Voice Chat (optional) TCP & UDP 3783 3783
GameSpy IRC chat (optional) TCP & UDP 6667 6667

By the way, Autokick is working very well now and it does prety well everything I wanted.

Once again thanks to all those who have helped me out on this and many other things.  :D

Edit: from this site... http://www.fpsadmin.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9014

This seems to answer some of the questions I had about TCP vs UDP and even seems to have less ports open..

MoHAA - Default Server Game Port UDP 12203 12203
MoHAA - GameSpy Monitoring Port UDP 12300 12300
GameSpy - Query Port UDP 6500 6500
GameSpy - Dplay UDP UDP 6515 6515
GameSpy - Custom UDP Pings UDP 13139 13139
GameSpy - Master Server UDP Heartbeat UDP 27900 27900
GameSpy - Master Server List Request TCP 28900 28900
GameSpy - GP Connection Manager TCP 29900 29900
GameSpy - GP Search Manager TCP 29901 29901
MoHAA - Demo Monitoring Port (Legacy) UDP 12201 12201
MoHAA - Alt Game Port (Optional w/ net_port) UDP 12202 12202
MoHAA - Alt Game Port (Optional w/ net_port) UDP 12210 12210
GameSpy - Voice Chat Port (Optional) UDP 3783 3783
GameSpy - IRC Chat (Optional) UDP 6667 6667

I wouldn't know a UDP Port from a fishing port, I'm all about the  :arcade: but I really want to learn so I'm going to the guys that I trust the most...


It's good you're getting back in to MoH:AA :D  Let me know the server IP and maps (and pass if there is one ;)) and I'll play on yer server.


Calibrax, can you explain that link you provided somewhat? What I get from it is that it somehow keeps track of your IP and redirects people to you?

Do I need a web page? Yeah good luck with that one!  :lol:

I really have no idea.

I've quickly scanned the FAQ, but there's a lot of it over my head. On the surface it seems to be just the answer that I need.

Could you possibly walk me through what I need to do and what I could expect from a service such as this?

Vyano_Xiahh (can I call you Becky?), I'll try and make time tonight and post the map rotation. All of the maps I have gotten so far can be found at tmmworld.com if you register.
We've had some pretty entertaining battles over the last week. I have a pretty decent rotation going with a 5 minute time frame and running smaller maps.

As far as the IP goes, well, see above as the darn thing is dynamic and changes often. I don't know if you can find it from just the name, Spykes Custom Maps. Oh yeah, no password.

I'll post up the latest IP (with a date and time) and if you have a chance drop in and see what sort of pings you get, frame rate etc and let me know how you get along will you?

I've had a couple of friends on it and so far it seems to run pretty good. On the whole I am quite happy with the experience.

I'm still working on getting the friend tracker working properly for ASE.

When I give my buddies my IP and they search for my server it shows up on the ASE server list. Then my IP changes...


Quote from: Spyke on October 17, 2006, 04:42:18 PM
Calibrax, can you explain that link you provided somewhat? What I get from it is that it somehow keeps track of your IP and redirects people to you?

Do I need a web page? Yeah good luck with that one!  :lol:

I really have no idea.

I've quickly scanned the FAQ, but there's a lot of it over my head. On the surface it seems to be just the answer that I need.

Could you possibly walk me through what I need to do and what I could expect from a service such as this?
It basically lets you set up an address (like a web address) in the form spyke.no-ip.com (for example) which will point to your PC. This way, if someone wanted to connect to your MOHAA server, they would just use that address without having to know your actual IP address (which changes every so often anyway if you don't have a static IP). The way it does this is, you install a little bit of software on your PC, and whenever your IP address changes, it sends the new IP address to your account with no-ip.com, and updates to make sure that spyke.no-ip.com is always pointing towards the correct IP address.

Hope this helps.


That helps a lot. I think I'll give it a go. Thanks Man!  :D

Edit: spykescustommaps.servegame.com That was what i created. I'm guessing that I am supposed to "Add Host"

Am I suppsed to do a Port 80 redirect when I Add a host?  (if so is it the 12300 listed above?).

As far as I can tell everything is working fine, it shows me my valid IP address. I even downloaded the recommended file from download.com which runs the No-IP DUC.

How does this benefit Becky for instance? How is this supposed to work?

Do you put that link into your browser and it takes you into my Mohaa server, or does it somehow show you my IP address so you can enter it into your game, or am I missing the point all together?

I'm a litte scared that I might be opening myself up for some problems because I don't know what I'm doing.


I'm so damn close I can feel it!!

By the way Becky, the map rotation is.... "dm/oil_rig_assault_aa dm/manson dm/spinnlein dm/closecombat dm/concert_hallfinal dm/highnoon2 dm/rebuiltvillage dm/train_to_hell dm/bunkerhill_teamdm dm/toysoldiers dm/dm_arena3 dm/stalingrad_final"


Ok Spyke. Do you know if all those maps are DMW approved?