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Open hailing frequencies!

Started by Lot, March 06, 2010, 10:14:25 AM

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Hello, this is your old pal Lot. :salute:

Wow is it really eight years since the Hamster Powered Servers started up on ADSLGuide time flies! I drop by here every once in a blue moon to see what you're all up to, this now being the first time I've done so this year. It seems something we have in common was taking up my attention this year - Star Trek Online.

Glad to see you all get involved in another internet spaceship MMO.

I've taken an interest in STO as well -- started off playing a tactical officer in escorts and got to RA5 with that, playing an engineer officer in cruisers at the moment and got as far as captain. Saving perhaps what is the best for last, science officer in a science ship. Too bad the character slot limit is three, that sucks. If Cryptic sell slots in the C-Store then I guess I will reluctantly buy a slot to play a Klingon.

I was looking for a fleet to join and you won't believe this but ... I've joined British Starfleet Corps. Yes it's the same British Space Corpses what we laughed at in Earth and Beyond. They're alright and they thought it was funny when I mentioned to them our old pet name for them. They've had a great success in recruitment and almost filled a fleet up to the old 250 limit with primary characters and had an overflow fleet for alt characters. They merged into one fleet again when the limit was increased to 500.

May be we can run an STF or something else together one day, for old times sake.

You might be interested in hooking up a connection with BSC so your fleet and theirs can take part in stuff together? The more the merrier. They have an open channel that is named BSC and if you are interested you should drop them a line on their forums to make an introduction.


My handle in @Lot and I'll drop by again soon. :thumbright:

p.s. Please may I have access to the Earth and Beyond forum?


Hi Lot, good to see you again, its been a while..

Yeah, three slots is a pain, I think if you got a lifetime subscription you got 5, but I'm sure Cryptic will sell additional slots, its an obvious way of making money..

BSC exists in STO?  I guess since theres no way to see fleet names (that I know about anyway) without going into profiles, its difficult to figure out who's who.  Is this actually the same people from E&B?  What have they been up to all this time?

I think you should have access to pretty much all the forums now, unless I screwed up the permissions, their not as flexible as I thought they were.  Let me know if you have problems, unless of course I've locked you out totally and you can't even see this..
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Hello Undergrid  :D

Thanks for giving me access to the Earth & Beyond forum, I can see it and I will enjoy reading it again for the old memories. I've been playing with the emulator on and off and running my own private server which I can setup how I like with characters and equipment. I don't see any point grinding out levels on the server that the emulator people have set up, to be honest.

There may be a few of the original BSC members around mostly it's new people but there is till the continuity from the old days. They've been playing other games like City of Heroes, World of Warcraft but the interest in space MMOs is still there. A few of them play the Earth and Beyond emulator, they play STO of course and they're interested in EVE Online and Jump Gate: Evolution.

I was pretty heavily into EVE Online for a few years playing in Shinra and then Reikoku. I got worn out about a year ago not long after Band of Brothers lost their name and I have one account active just for training paid for with PLEX so it doesn't cost anything otherwise I may not bother any more.


The Hamsters were in Eve for a while, out corp was/is called Nothing To Declare, but I think the general feeling was unless you had 100's of people it was just a mining simulator.  Everything cost a fortune and unless you controled the systems that had rare ores, it wasn't easy to get cash.

I did hear that BoB had split up, but lost their name?  What happened there?
QuoteIn the force if Yoda's so strong, construct a sentence with words in the proper order then why can't he?


Band of Brothers lost their name and their alliance when an inactive director betrayed them. He had a character in the holding corporation and the corporation wasn't setup tightly enough to prohibit anyone from pressing the disband button and that's what he did. There were at the time five main BOB corporations.

One of those corporations had an industrial alliance and all the corporations joined that and then tried to shore up all the sovereignty that was held by the Band of Brothers alliance in Delve, Period Basis and Querious. But the damage was already done by that time, the hordes smelled blood and all descended upon the regions. Under the banner of the Kenzoku alliance, the five corporations kept up the fight for a while and then CCP announced that a new sovereignty system was on the way.

The corporations decided to cease the struggle on that news and went and did factional warfare for a while. This was when I decided to take a break from EVE Online; but I know what happened afterwards.

That was only a cover to re-group until the new sovereignty rules came into effect and when they did they reformed into IT Alliance and a few other corporations also joined them. IT Alliance went and attacked Fountain under the new sovereignty rules and removed the main sovereignty holders from the region: Pandemic Legion and Sons of Tangra. Fountain used to be controlled by Band of Brothers and they deserve some criticism because they could have removed those two holders when they took over Fountain but Band of Brothers decided to go on their MAX campaign up north -- that was several months before their alliance name was stolen.

The new sovereignty system relied heavily on paying some very expensive bills to Concord to maintain sovereignty. Very shortly after taking control of Fountain, the sovereignty holders in Delve and Querious really screwed up their payments for sovereignty and in a "chicken without a head" moment of epic proportions decided they didn't want to really fight for the regions anyway and abandoned the regions. That's Goonswarm for you.

So IT Alliance, formerly known as Band of Brothers, are back holding the regions they once had.

Edit: Titans had their doomsday effect changed from AoE to single target at the same time as the new sovereignty rules were introduced -- this played a contributing factor to the IT Alliance resurgence. Fleets of battleships once more became the dominant factor and IT Alliance's main strength.


ello Lot, nice of you to swing by :-)
I love the idea of EVE but christ what a lot of cocking about  :cop:


Hiya Lot... I'm not playing STO at the moment (maybe at some point I will), but I just wanted to say welcome back!  8)

And I shall resist the urge to ask you to make me an 5NST4PP1BL2F4RC2 reactor...  :lol:


Hello Fury and Calibrax :D

Yeh Fury, sometimes I wish I could have back all the time I spent in EVE but have to admit I was enjoying it so have to consider it time well spent. It can be overwhelming trying to do stuff though. All I do now is train skills and may be blow up some NPCs for a PLEX every now and then and that is relaxing in comparison to stuff I used to do!

Calibrax, tried eBay?! :lol:


Lot, great to hear you are alive and well.

Ahh the fondness of my jenquai defender, brings back good memories.  Still the best MMORPG space game to date.

As you can see since your departure I have been promoted to a sergeant  :panic:

Hopefully our paths will cross in STO at some point o/


Hello JohnnyFind. :D

I remember you playing a JD probably because at the time, you might have been the only one!

I did play one eventually, Kwai.

Well, I've decided to play the remainder of my free time in ST:O then go find another game to play. I feel disappointed with Cryptic's ethics with concern to the C-Store and what I feel are alterations to the game to foster sales in the C-Store. For example, respecs and character slots.

Three character slots is overly stingy if you wanted to play one of each profession on the Federation side plus a Klingon character. That makes it inevitable that you will need another character slot, at least. Buy one in the C-Store? No thanks, accounts should have had four slots minimum. It's exploitation pure and simple.

And they placed a cap on skill points to introduce respecs, nevermind all the rhetoric about out-levelling content as the reason they tried to convince everyone.

Wouldn't surprise me if Starfleet merit rewards got nerfed in the future to limit in-game paid respecs.

Ah well.