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Started by Emma, October 05, 2007, 01:10:38 PM

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Hi guys, wonder if u could help me?
I need a free TS or ventrillo for use in WOW.

Is there one and how do i go about setting it up?

Thank you



You can download and install the server and run your own (for either program) which is dead simple, or you can just search for available Public servers in the list once you install the Client.

(This is from memory) For TS, go to Connect, then Web Servers, update weblist, then you will see a huge list and you can connect there. Give the IP to your buds and they can connect as well. There are literally hundreds to choose from. You can see in the list if it is Public and whether it is passworded.

From my own experiences, if I had to choose between TS or Ventrillo I would go with TS but meh...

I use Skype. It's similar to MSN Messenger but much, much better voice quality than MSN (and totally blows away TS or Ventrillo).
The bonus to Skype is that you can transfer files with it.

Let me know if you need help and I'll see what I can do once I get home from work.



Voice chat is coming soon to WoW as well by the way. In fact looking at the forums its already switched on for the following realms:

I play games on a:
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When we played RB6:V I usually hosted a TS server (well, until the Hamster one came back anyhoo). It worked fine with 4 people on it, didn't cause any gaming lag. It doesn't take that much bandwidth.


hehe that is untill he get me on there crying that i cant reload my guns  :meuh:


Thanks for responding guys :)
A friend will be setting it up on his server,Personally i prefer vent sound quailty is by far better than TS :)
Yeah wow voice chat coming in next patch that why we need a temp one that can hold 10 people while we do kara until this is enabled in wow
How many people can use Skype?