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Started by rover, August 05, 2004, 04:49:25 PM

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guy just want to know wwhat joysticks you are using in bfv. only asking as i have just got a saitek cyborg evo and was woundering if any one had a profile for bfv on theres (if any of you have the same stick) please help.


Nah sorry, I use a MS Sidewinder Force feedback joystick.


I don`t..I can`t fly.

Tried & tried but can`t..so i`ll stick to the ground where the hard work is done :wink:


Mickeysoft side winder, no feedback.. 7buttons andso


Nope, I'm using the Logitech Strike Force 3D Force Feedback.

Did you try some sort of Goggle search? If you had the right keywords in you might get lucky.
Or maybe the Saitek site?


http://www.saitekforum.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=5257  (you might have to register to get this link to work though )

Hope this helps even a little. :smile:


cheers spyke that might just help

SCoob [NL]

No joystick, my sidewinder is catching dust and spiders.

I am useing a Thrustmaster Tactical Board for all games, works great once you get used to it.


good news i got it working, i just needed to unplug my joypad (me spits at EA ) never thought a game would have a fit over 2 joypads/sticks being pluged in to a pc


Funny that you mention that, Crimson Skies ( excellent game ) will not work correctly if I start the game with my sidewinder game pad hooked up.

Also NFSU will not work correctly if the Joystick is hooked up ( I use the Sidewinder for that one ).