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PS2 Wi-Fi connection

Started by Goatface, January 30, 2004, 09:15:55 PM

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Hey peeps.

Got myself a D-Link 604+ router for my adsl connection. Not using Wi-Fi for the PC cos there so close it was hardley worth it but fancy using it for the PS2 in the next room.

Anyone no what I need to buy. I know I need the PS2 network adaptor. But I need advice on whats available for the ethernet to Wi-Fi connection to my Router.



Something like this perhaps?

DSL source has them for sale here. Not used one myself and they're not particularly cheep, but seems like the sort of device you're after :)


Actually the one ive linked to on DSLSource is the same thing but based on 802.11b as opposed to the 802.11g ive pointed to on the D-Link site. Pretty much the same it seems, except speed. Not sure if you'd really desire the extra speed for a PS2...


Thanks buddy, Happy that its the same make as the router too. I'll probably go for that.


Great, brought that exact one from ebay, absolutely chuffed with it. PS2 now online. Yeah baby!