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Started by icky, June 10, 2003, 04:21:17 PM

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hi this might sound daft but i cant seem to  put my website on  well its not much of 1 i just use it for people if they want to d/load something if ive got it i put it on for them can you please tell me where i put it :oops:

SCoob [NL]

Don't you have webspace from your provider?
Usually you'll get some homespace from the provider, if you look at the providers homepage there will probably be a document on how to do it.

Make sure you have a FTP program like Coffeecup FreeFTP ready.
You can use this to upload your website.

If your provider doesn't provide you with some homespace, try a free provider like geocites, the will give space for free.

If you need some more help, you can always contact me.
Not that I am the Whizz in this, but I can help  :)


Or do you mean how do you put the website URL in your forum profile so that the www button appears beneath your posts? You can that by going into your profile above and bashing in the URL there.

Just in case this is what you mean ;-)

SCoob [NL]

And we still doen't know what he means :)


i want to put it in my profile