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Was just browsing through some old threads on here, discussing internet speeds, going back around 15 years. It's amazing how far tech has come on since back then!

Last week I upgraded to Virgin Media's VIVID300 package, which is their top package designed for gamers/streamers. No traffic management or throttling, 300Mb/s download, 20Mb/s upload.

Here's what I'm currently getting from :

Have run this test a couple of times a day over the last week, and it averages between 350Mb/s and 385Mb/s. The upload speeds are consistently around 18-22Mb/s. Cost is 58 a month, but that includes their medium TV package and landline phone with free weekend calls. Not bad!

Well, Calibrax probably won't see this for a while, but Virgin Media are having problems...

No problems here... Virgin have been very reliable for me. I've been with them since they were Telewest, back in 1999 :)


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