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Guild hunt tonight? 11th July

Started by Tricky, July 11, 2014, 09:03:47 AM

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There's no footie tonight so who's up for a guild hunt? 8pm ish onwards.
i'm thinking somewhere like Lok or Talus might be fun. Or even Nightsisters on Dath if we're feeling brave/foolhardy! Buffs will be needed!

Any takers?


Quote from: Tricky on July 11, 2014, 09:03:47 AMBuffs will be needed!

Subtle hint there Tricky! :)

I'll try and be around in both my Arranz (for the buffs) and Undergrid (for the hunt) personas, but I'll need to be done by 11:30pm at the latest, which is after the end of a three hour buff set anyway.
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Lol UG - that was more because people have been caught out before on hunts when unbuffed - mentioning no names :-D But a high quality buff from a trusted source will be appreciated!

It will be good to have both of you around! Frankly, anything past 11.30 is getting past my bedtime anyway. i blame old age and kids.


I suggest we meet up somewhere close to where were going to be hunting, I don't mind dragging Arranz across the galaxy and it'll give us more time under buffs.  I wouldn't bother with entertainer buffs unless one happens to be nearby, a double shot of brandy should do the job just as well (and in my case is stronger than an entertainer buff).  I can supply some decent stuff to anyone who doesn't happen to have any.
QuoteIn the force if Yoda's so strong, construct a sentence with words in the proper order then why can't he?


Good idea! Let's meet on Dantooine at Goontown. I have no idea what it is like but it sounds funny.


Well the hunt was fun and surprising in equal measure with another untimely Hamster death due to those pesky mobs. Our porn-star aspiring entertainer was caught lying down on the job after a brush with a Pikey - I mean Piket.  :lol: We ticked off quite a few POIs:

Janta Stronghold
Mokk Stronghold - where UG rightfully gave a bit of grief back to some smacktard who was pulling our targets.
A Dantari village - which was a bit easy even with just two of us at that point.
Kunga Stronghold

The 100% kinetic Rockshapers were an interesting surprise! Well done UG for packing a big pistol...  :orly: Afterwards I went shopping for a power hammer which delivers blast damage, handy for next time!

Dathomir next time then!  :itsatrap: