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pc knackered :(

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Hi guys, hope your all well?
I have a pc issue and was hoping you guys could help!
My pc won't boot, I'm thinking it maybe my motherboard, power is going in but no monitor, no pc beeps, nothing :(
Any ideas?

What exactly happens when you attempt to boot it up, do you see the lights on the front panel?

Do you see the bios bootup screen on the monitor at all?

Does your motherboard have a two digit post code display?

As always it's a process of elimination with pc faults...

Hi Johnny, thanks for replying :)
The power and lights are working, nothing at all to the monitor, tried hubbys monitor also.
No idea what a pass code display is, lol :)

I've also switched memory and hard drives from hubbys pc and its still the same, just nothing to the monitor :(

Hi Em,

Does your PC have a graphics card or are you using onboard/integrated motherboard graphics? If you normally use a separate graphics card but have onboard graphics that are disabled, try using those and see what happens. Or swap in a different graphics card and try that.


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