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So my computer's dead, well one of them anyway.  The core 2 i5 and GA-Z77X-UD5H that I got less than 7 months ago.  Won't turn on, no activity or lights.  I tried the PSU in another machine and it worked, tried another PSU and it didn't.  Took out all the expansion cards, disk drives etc and still no joy.

I guess we get to see how good ebuyers RMA process is.


I used ebuyer's RMA process a couple of years ago to return a bricked iPad 1 which I had bought two months earlier from them. As it was within 90 days of purchase, I asked for a refund rather than a replacement, as I'd also decided that I didn't really need an iPad, and the 379 I'd paid would be better spent elsewhere! :)

So, I sent it back to them, and they refunded me in full within 3 days. Couldn't fault their customer service.

(incidentally just a few months ago Vodafone made me a really great offer on an iPad 3, so I have an iPad once more... and I was able to retrieve all the apps I'd bought for my original iPad, which was a bonus!)

Well I've only just gotten my RMA authority after having to send them a bunch of pictures of the board, then resending one of the CPU socket because the previous one was delivered "unusable". 

Have you ever tried taking a photo of one of those and getting all the pins sharp?  Its not easy.

Apparently if you've had something for over 6 months they only give you a portion of the original value, I can't believe that is legal..  But I need a replacement anyway.

And they've tested the motherboard and found it faulty.  A replacement should arrive on wednesday by the looks of it which makes it three weeks and a day since my PC blew up.

Better late then never Undergrid  8O

I had to use Ebuyer RMA support today for a faulty WD external hard drive, they gave me the website for the manufacture and told me to go direct   :cop:


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