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Server Downtime

Started by |fury|, December 03, 2012, 12:48:43 PM

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I'm downgrading my account from a reseller one to a plain old shared one. The site will be down during the move and any email in hs.com accounts will get wiped.
I'll have to set up emails/forwarders/subdomains following the migration and plan is not to bother unless asked. the migration will happen tomorrow at the latest (I have just shy of 200 quid refund waiting for me so i can't dawdle) so save off anything in your email if you need it!!!  :itsatrap:


Forums are on their new server, but without the domain for now - that'll move over tomorrow :-)
no need to update bookmarks or anything  :panic:


all done, any probs, shout!



I can supply email service under the hamsterserver.com domain if people want it and you can change the MX records..
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email service is still available, i just didn't want to add email addresses/forwarders if they were no longer being used  :meuh: