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Are SSD's worth it?

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So I'm putting together an upgrade for my rather long in the tooth Q6600, this is what I have so far

Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H

Intel Core i5 3570k

G-Skill 16GB DDR3 1600MHz RipjawsZ X79 Memory Kit

At this point I could add an SSD as my primary drive for the OS and apps, if I'm going to do it I might as well do it now as I have to reinstall anyway for the new mobo.  But is it worth it?  And what drives are worth getting?

For me speed was parmount so the answer is a resounding yes, but I also compliment an SSD with x2 2TB traditional HD's  :panic:

It's the future you must get one.

....I wouldn't bother with a hybrid drive, these are only really useful in laptops.

Well I have 2 2TB HDD's at the moment, so an SSD was going to complement those.

From what I've seen looking around, there are horror stories and success stories about most of the SSD's out there so I've no idea what to get.  Are OCZ any good? Crucial? Someone else? 

I'm probably looking for something around the 120GB mark.

In the end I went for the OCZ 128GB Vertex 4 since both it and the controller have had good reviews.  Just placed the order so it should all be here tomorrow..

looks like you chosen a good one looking at the specs.....

what other parts have you ordered for this GW2 rig?



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