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Due to the much publicised Sony feck up - ALL SOE accounts have received free time on SOE games. All you have to do to claim the free time is login to the soe website, enter in your old account name and password, change it and et voilą you have 45 days free time. It worked on my old SWG and planetside accounts that had been cancelled for years.

However SWG is still as broken as it was after the NGE *sigh*.

Planetside however is alright-ish. Still the same old game and now has been updated to support Windows Vista and Windows 7 :D

Oh and you have until the end of august to claim the 45 days of free time

Worked for me too, 45 days of SWG.  Anyone want a get together for old times sake?

I logged in, spent some time dismantling two small Tattooine houses and an equipment factory since I had enough space for everything in my bunker.  Most all of Hamster Hill is gone now, theres another bunker owned by "Deb" (is that Paul?) and thats about it.  Sunfalls gone too.  I went into Bestine and then over to Corosant and didn't see anyone at all.

Pretty depressing really.

It is yeah, I slapped the bunker down again. Although it will be probably condemned in a day or two as I have forgotten how to access the terminal inside the house to add rent.

Nah, if there's no money in the terminal it deducts from your bank account.  They changed that years ago.

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