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help! ragefire chasm and shadowfang keep


My blood elf rogue has now moved to orgrimmar but her starting quests are in ragefire chasm and shadowfang keep..

i've never actually had a toon at this level before (20/21) so it's all new although it became apparent pretty quickly that both of these areas are not really suitable to soloing..  :cop:

i'm around all day/evening on saturday - is anyone able/willing to give me a hand??

I shall bring my goblin hunter!

RFC is L15-21 I think, so I can come along with my druid again, he's L20.

awesome, thanks guys  :banana2:

is there a time of day that is preferable?

No, I have no life *cough* Well, what I mean is - on this particular Saturday my normally tightly packed social schedule is empty. You have caught me at the perfect time :lol:


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