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for 3 months at least, and seeing as it must be around 3 years since i last subbed, i've bought the expansions too (inc cataclysm)
quite stunned at how long it's taken to get the game installed and patched o_O

i still have my original 3 toons (moomowlem - L5 tauren warrior / uruldor - L16 night elf rogue / wazgob - L8 orc shaman) - what's the craic with all the new shit - worth carrying on with the rogue for the time being you reckon??

Maybe not if it's a night elf rogue - we're all on the horde side 99% of the time, so you might get lonely.  :panic:

You could start a goblin when cataclysm launches, I think pretty much everyone else is going to be doing that, so there should be people around the same level for grouping mayhem (at least until certain people, mentioning no names, have spent every free moment they have leveling like mad eejits ;)).

Yeah I will be starting a goblin tomorrow. Plus I have a druid and priest around level 30 and 40ish respectively. So I have most level groups covered at the moment. Not to mention I have to level my paladin from 80-85 :D. Levelling is quite quick at the moment, even at level 20-40 I manage to get a level in around 30-40 minutes :D.

yeah i never saw a soul when i was playing the night elf rogue, but did enjoy playing it tbh.

i could roll something else - if not a rogue maybe a mage; at least there are elves on the horde side now

If you let us know on irc the toon names when you are online on wow then one of us can spam you a guild invite :D


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