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Managed to fill up my ISP webspace, so I went looking for an alternative place to put photos etc for posting to forums.

Found this :

Fantastic. Totally free, 20GB of space, and 20GB of bandwidth too. Files can be up to 200MB, and any file type is ok. You can create folders, link directly to files, post your pics on forums, etc.

The only downside I can see is that you have to log in once every 30 days to ensure your account remains active. But the good news is they will email you five days before it goes inactive to warn you.

Not a bad deal, but I think I'll stick with my webhost.  Unlimited storage (for website related files) plus 50GB for backups (anything basically) plus unlimited storage, all for 10.95USD a month.

Anyone wants to switch, I can get you 97USD off your first year hosting (22.40USD instead of 119.40USD)..


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