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Re: F1 2010
« Reply #15 on: September 24, 2010, 07:15:21 PM »
I was using the 360 joypad
I play games on a:
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Re: F1 2010
« Reply #16 on: October 12, 2010, 09:22:33 AM »
had a difficult decision to make last night, decided it was time to sign a contract for my second season following the race at spa.

the best two on the table were torro rosso 10.5m 1yr contract as their #1 driver, or force india 10.5m 1yr contract as their #2.

i've gone for force india as they've scored more points this year and being #2 i think i'll get easier objectives, although by the comments i've seen on codemasters forums, the force india car is faaaaaaast  :D

i'm having to work hard, but am still way ahead in the drivers championship and despite trulli performing closer to what you'd expect a lotus to do, we're also ahead in the constructor's championship too :banana2: i'll probably up the difficulty a bit more for season 2 but i'm not rushing into ever doing monaco with full damage - i spent most of my first season's race weekend fixing my front wing  :panic:

my game is suffering the freezing bug, bit of an arse when it freezes you half way round a 5th gear corner at monaco but other than that, am relatively ok. the savegame corruption thing is allegedly only an issue if you're doing longer weekends and need to leave the game in-between sessions (i do short weekends in career so do the whole lot in one go)
the pit 'bug' isnt really a bug, more of a feature - i don't run a standard pit strategy anyway (tend to try and stay out on options as long as i can) so don't tend to get caught up in a busy pit lane, and haven't really witnessed any of the other weird bugs that have been reported, such as certain drivers skipping pitstops etc (tempted to consider that's just a wet race and people don't realise you don't have to change tyres in a wet race)

i've also read that codemasters are only going to issue one patch, because they want to concentrate on F1 2011 which is a bit disappointing - i'm not going down the 'buy every iteration of a serial product' route - i never did with EA and i'm not going to start now  :cop: