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changing isp again

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Yup, now moving to Sky Broadband. Who unbundled my exchange on 25th June - although I only happened to notice it now as has finally been updated 8O. Anyway 12.50 p/m for Sky v 35 p/m for AAISP, theres no contest really.

Got to love Sky's current Free Broadband version, up to 20mbit speeds, 2GB monthly cap.  At full speed you can use your allowance in 13 mins 39 seconds.

Finally got my MAC from AAISP, they seemed to be quite reluctant to give it to me, took a few attempts of prodding and poking them by email. Perhaps I'm the first to leave them, who knows. Anyway, connection date for Sky Unlimited Broadband is 16th August :D

Router for Sky Broadband has arrived at home. The good news is this should stop the texts from sky at least until connection day - giving me multiple daily updates on the progress of the sky broadband order!

BE was a bit like that. Let's hope that, once your connection goes live, they don't give you packet by packet updates on how your downloads are progressing!


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