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Windows 7 and BF1942 or PunkbustrA

Started by Cartman(NL), December 03, 2009, 10:22:05 PM

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got a new pc and problem with bf1942 or dc.
(Am running Windows7 Premium 64bits.) :D
everytime i get kicked by PB with communication failure : punkbstrA.exe

what did i do..
i took a beer and installed 1942, i installed all patches, i installed and re-installed punkbusterupdate,
i took another beer, updated the thingy. even downloaded the pdsec.htm and installed it.
but no joy.. :(

i took a beer, when i compare old machine to new i see that punkbstra.exe is running in windows taskmanager under Processes. when i look in my new pc it isnt..
when i was looking at the pbsec.htm in properties it stated at security in main screen that it came from another machine and i could ehhhm de/block it. so i did..
and took another beer

test 1942 again, still no joy.
so another beer..
getting a bit frustrated..(and drunk) ;)

Can anybody help?????????


umm punkbuster didnt like win7RC if i remeber right so it sounds like the sob's never fixed it.
have you looked on the punkbuster website for any win7 patches?


Whoohooo it works....

after installing all crap you have to edit the properties of the bf1942/dc shortcut. in the firsttab, choose advanced, and allow the program to run in administrator mode. the start bf or dc and it will install pnkbstr very nicely..
dont understand why, caus i am the Bluddy administrator from hell.
dunnow why the windows needs that extra option, as my account is admin, ohhhwell new windows, new fekking hidden features..


as it crashed somotimes during the game i also added the compatability mode on the shortcut of the game to "xp sp3".
no more crashes.. !
me like w7 more and more  :lol: