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Cod: Modern Warfare 2 insane Prestige Edition

Started by BigBazza, July 15, 2009, 09:50:19 AM

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Unboxing (by the makers) of the prestige edition....... night vision goggles  8O



Why do they always get very annoying people to do these videos...
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lordy.. that's gonna be one pricey box  :psyduck:

edit: price is 149 USD, so i'm guessing at least that in pounds over here..


i bet we will get something really crap over here insted of the NVG


Game aside, what a pile of crap for a lot of money.


Have any of you ever actually USED night vision in CoD4? I haven't, it's crap.

Please don't force "night vision enhanced game play" onto us...


' yuh lets open this bad boy up'

'if you wanna display them in your home or office'

ugh...game will be cool though  :wink: