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Xpert Eleven online football manager game - HamsteR league


Stubbs, who some of you may have seen on IRC, introduced me to this game.

It's a simple football manager game, free to play, good fun. Not really any accounting involved, you don't have to faff about with contracts and wages, etc., you get to focus on the good stuff: picking the squad, buying/selling/sacking players, basic tactics, giving your team/ground a stupid name, mocking the other teams in press releases, that kind of thing. :)

The games themselves only happen a couple of times a week, and like I said it's fairly simple, so it's not too time-consuming. It's a 'few minutes a couple of times a week' jobby.

You can play in their big 'xpert' leagues, and/or you can also have your own private leagues. So who's up for joining a private HamsteR league?


(if you click on that link, then log in/create an account, you should find an invitation to the league in your lobby. Apparently. League ID is 178169 if that doesn't work).

What I know about football you could fit on the back of a stamp and still have room for War and Peace  8O.  Guess thats me out.  :lol:

It's not exactly a complex realistic representation. Not knowing much about football wouldn't really be a disadvantage - might even be an advantage.  :badger:

It's probably moot anyway, the usual apathy seems to be in full swing, can't see there being the four or five more people needed! :hammertime:

I'll be up for it - if i'm not too late.

Nope, not too late Tricky. We need a minimum of six for a private league, so nothing happens until we've got six people, should that ever happen. So far, including you, we'd have two, possibly three. So we'd still need three more.

Anyone else? Come on, it's what all the cool people are doing. :dance: Well, maybe not. But that's no reason for you lot not to join in. ;)


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