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Mostly this week I have been driving around in Codemasters latest racing game - Race Driver: Grid

And I have to say after getting used to the damage model system in the game, its actually pretty darn good.

I even made a video of me driving (again) :P

It's only the last lap of a 3 lap race (otherwise it would have pushed the filesize from 50MB to 143MB 8O). And yes I did win the race, despite my car having a couple of minor dents in the bodywork, but a few minutes with a hammer will have those dents out no probs, wont notice them guv...

Nice vid - very professional!  :cop:

(that smilie isn't at all relevant but I haven't used it before).

Very cool :)

I now have this game. I am very good at spinning cars in circles at high speeds. Not so good at corners but I'm working at it.

i tried the demo on the x360, didn't like the feel of it at all :/


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