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Next Task Force?

Started by Arathrael, May 31, 2007, 01:00:36 AM

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Right, which task force shall we do next? We've got a few options (http://coh.nofuture.org.uk/story_arcs/?type=taskforce):

First up there's Positron's (L10-15, needs 3+ people). This one is pretty easy, no AV it I think. It's not the most exciting task force though.

Synapse's is next (L15-20, 4+ people). Clockwork. So many clockwork. The final map with the Clockwork King is rather funky though.

Sister Psyche's we did the other day.

Moonfire's is L23-28, needs 6+ people. It's a Striga one about Kheldians.

Then there's the Hess taskforce (L25-30, 6+ people) which is another one on striga. This one is great, and also relatively quick.

We also have the option of Citadel's task force (L25-30, 6+ people). This has the unenviable reputation of being the dullest task force in the game, probably because it has four 'defeat all' missions on council base maps.

There is also the option of the first respec trial (L24-33, 3+ people). This is quite fun, doesn't take as long as some of the task forces, and gets you a respec (if you choose that as the reward).

So, I think those are all our options, what does everyone think? I don't think the numbers would be too much of a problem - if we have 4 or 5 of us, it won't be too hard to get 1 more person.

Personally, I think the Hess TF would be fun, but if you want to ultimately get the Task Force Commander accolade badge (which gives +5% hit points and the military epaulettes costume piece), you need to have done all of the Freedom Phalanx TFs (that's Positon, Synapse, Sister Psyche, Citadel, Manticore, and Numina), so you might want to bear that in mind. I'm happy to do any of them really. :)

Cave Cricetum! :hammering:


I've done synapse with pointy - keen to do posi though because he's not done that one (i'd ideally like to get them all)

if anyone wants to do synapse i'll happily do it with another toon to help out


Sorry for the delay in replying...

Yeah, I am up for a TF, I will carry on with Cromlech who is my slightly under performing badge hunter.

As I have only done Sister Psyche's then any one is a potential for me.


We can easily do Positron's then, since it only needs three of us. I'm happy to run through it.

Maybe we should see if we could do one (Hess maybe?) during the double XP weekend (starts on the 15th).
Cave Cricetum! :hammering:


Sorry for replying on an oldish thread but i'd like to do some task forces i've not done one before.

So if anyone wants to do the lowest level ones with me that would be great :-)

*Promises not to slip into the Tailor shop before starting*