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GTR 2!
« on: June 17, 2006, 12:25:27 AM »

Quote from: John Bardinelli,

GTR 2 - FIA GTR 2 will make you cry. Continuing the trend of ultra realistic physics and gorgeous graphics, GTR 2 takes the racing sim formula and revs everything up a notch. When you experience the thrill of real-life race car control, you'll shed a tear. When a slippery road causes you to crash, sending pieces of your beautiful Porsche flying all over the road, you'll cry. Not because you've destroyed a magnificent car, but because it was so good looking you almost called your insurance company.

If you aren't familiar with the GTR series, get ready to be impressed. GTR is a racing sim, a genre that aims to simulate the experience of racing in a video game. Instead of crazy power-ups and cars leaping over walls, your challenge is to master realistic racing controls and physics as you pilot super cars such as the Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini. Professional racers sit beside the programmers to ensure authenticity. The enormous amount of detail that goes into these games is mind boggling, and GTR 2 is the absolute cream of the crop.

The Game Playing GTR 2 is a lot like sitting inside of a real race car. The dashboard is splayed out on your screen in impressive detail, complete with speed stats, mirrors, and even gas and brake pedals. The driver's seat view shifts as your player turns his head, creating a remarkably immersive experience.

The bulk of the game is the GT series, featuring officially licensed circuits, vehicles and drivers. In all there are over 35 track layouts and 40 different car models, many of which have spec variations, bumping the tally to 140. As you race through tracks from around the world, you slowly become an expert at driving authentic FIA GT cars.

Rather than giving computer-controlled opponents full knowledge of each track, the AI in GTR 2 starts them on equal ground. The first few laps you'll notice the other racers are just as careful about driving as you are. Later they gain confidence as they learn their way around the track. Their cars must also warm to optimum driving conditions just like your own. It evens out the challenge and adds yet another layer of realism to the game.

Driving School An especially noteworthy gameplay feature in GTR 2 is the Driving School. Most racing sims (the original GTR included) have complex control schemes that turn all but the most fanatic fans away. Driving School curbs that with a beginner-friendly tutorial. The lessons range from acceleration to cornering tactics, braking, and how to overtake other cars. Normally these are basic tasks in an arcade racer, but sim racing is more intricate. Even driving pros can learn a thing or two. Each lesson was co-designed by racing professionals, so you're getting the real-deal with GTR 2. Completing the classes also unlocks new content in the game. A nice bonus for your hard day at school.

Graphics GTR's developer SimBin really pulled out the stops to accomplish a new level of graphical realism for GTR 2. Everything inside the game is photo realistic, from the shine on windshields to the bumps in the pavement. The landscapes, tracks and cars are superbly detailed, right down to the driver stomping on the gas pedal.

Lighting effects and shadows are also very well done, thanks in part to DirectX 9 support. Edging around a tight curve at sunset casts long shadows on the track. And during several day-long endurance races you'll see gradual shifts from sunrise to the inky night sky. If you weren't so busy racing it would be a grand time for a stroll.

Weather A dramatic graphical touch that can significantly alter gameplay is the weather effects. One moment you'll be driving along happily enjoying the scenery, and the next clouds roll into the background. Minutes later it starts to rain, darkening the sky and impairing your vision. Rain makes the roads slippery and forces you to compensate with careful driving.

In another amazing feat of realism, GTR 2 features tracks that gradually dry. Hitting wet pavement might send you skidding, but a drier patch of ground is a whole different story. You have to watch the track after the rain and adjust your tactics accordingly.

Physics and Damage Although you'll spend most of your time carefully piloting your car, it's always fun to cut the wheel and see a crash or two. GTR 2 makes it even more entertaining with a detailed damage model. Pieces of your car go flying, dents and crumpled metal appear, and you might see a wheel or two bouncing on the pavement.

But don't go smashing into every object you see. The damage model includes the effects of a wreck on your car and alters your suspension, pitch, drive train and aerodynamics to hamper your vehicle. Control varies depending on the damage, slowing your car and making it difficult to drive. Not only does this force you to enter the pit for repairs, it encourages you to train as a better driver in the first place.

Handling GTR set the standard for realistic vehicle handling, and GTR 2 takes it an impossible step further. You feel like you're actually driving a car, from the engine revving to the vibrating dashboard. It's an absolute thrill pulling out and heading onto the raceway, something that you just have to experience to appreciate.

The greatest improvement to the control is the new tire modeling. GTR 2 accurately replicates the contact values and slip angle of real tires, making driving in the game much more intuitive and even a little bit easier. Your car feels like it sticks to the pavement, and driving over different terrains immediately alters the feel. It's still easy to spin out, especially at high speeds, so don't think for a moment GTR 2 has been watered down.

Conclusion GTR 2 is everything its predecessor was and a lot more. The graphics are stunning, the damage models are better, and the physics are more realistic. The inclusion of the Driving School smooths the learning curve, perfect for anyone ready to feel the heart-pounding sensation of controlling a real race car. Everything about GTR 2 is a breathtaking experience. It's by far the most stunningly realistic racing sim ever created.

check out the screenies..
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Re: GTR 2!
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2006, 08:48:45 AM »
I totally missed the first one  :P

The trailer looks is great, this a PC game only?


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Re: GTR 2!
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I still play the first one a lot - it's great fun, but yeah, PC only :)

just watched the trailer - nice advert for the first one too (less than a tenner from!) but that crash in the footage from GTR2 looks astonishing
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