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Is anyone playing Civ 4? I've just started and I'm hooked already. It's got lots of nice neat touches over Civ 3 although I haven't yet worked out what all the stuff in the city screen means.

At the moment I'm invading my weakest neighbour with only 6 units which could be a huge mistake but hey hum...

I've had it "on trial" ;), for a while now, as you say it has a few nice touches, but it's much the same in terms of gameplay as the other Civs, which is no bad thing imho :P

Civ 4 is Gamespy's PC GOTY

I did play it for a while, and will pick it up again soon, most excellent. Can lose an average portion of my life to it without really noticing. I can remember noticing a couple of annoying things with the gameplay, but can't have been that bad, because I can't remember them now.

Playing it for a month now and i like it...

invading neighbours with tanks&Nukes while he's in the middleages eghhgehgeghe

graph is nicer then in part 3, but cant find a lot of differences in equipemt etc..
but still love it...


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