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Community Update 29th Nov
« on: November 30, 2005, 01:58:38 AM »


There certainly is a lot of discussion about the details on what will be happening with SWG in the upcoming days, weeks and months.  We've been looking over all of the issues and we wanted to share the latest information with you.
This first post is going to go over the top issues themselves.  As we prepare these changes for upcoming hotifxes and publishes, we'll be seeing the team post the details as they are available.
General Lag and Choppiness
This is a top priority and we are working on a fix for this.
Combat Targeting
We are working on a better way for combatabts to know what they are targeting in combat and while this may not include a target locking feature, it will allow you to be more selective and efficient in combat.
Now, there are other issues that are part of the targeting frustrations in the community.  For instance, the mobs that are hard to target because they are all clumped together is a known issue that is being worked on; we can expect this to be fixed and MOBs won't bunch together.  Once the bunched up spawns issue is cleared up, targeting each of the individual creatures/NPCs will be easier.
The other key part of this issue is that NPCs and creatures are moving too fast and erratically.  This is part of a separate issue that is also currently being worked on.  Once this issue is solved, it will help with the targeting issue.
Targeting objects and items in the world will be covered in one of the following sections.  We will call this "non-combat targeting".
Overall Balance Pass
We have been reading all of the feedback and we agree with you.  There are three basic categories that will be improved with this work:

    * Adjusting Combat Difficulty for all levels.
    * This will help with creatures and NPCs much lower than you that are way too difficult.
      Adjust the Power / Effectiveness of Special Attacks.
    * Adjust the overall XP rates and widen the level range for creatures so that you can attack a wider variety of enemies for experience points (XP).

Modal Chat and Keyboard Mapping
The first community issues we are going to address with the keyboard controls is going to be re-enabling the option for modeless chat and giving you the ability to re-map your specials to function keys (F Keys).  To be clear, the function key will not activate the special, but it will queue up the special.
Shoot-Through-Friendlies Functionality
We have been working on a feature that will improve a player’s ability to continue damaging a combat target even when a friendly (non-combatant fellow player) runs between you and your target.  This should improve the experience when fighting in a group, both for combat and for healing.

You can find more details on this change here.
Global PvE Combat Review
Make sure we have NPCs and Creatures available for all levels of players to hunt.
Artificial Intelligence Improvements (AI)

    * Adjust the difficulty of creatures and NPCs so that players can fight against appropriate level enemies and win (currently, creatures and NPCs in many cases are way too difficult).
    * Make sure that all creatures and NPCs are moving at the right speeds (currently, some of them are moving way too fast and make it difficult to target and attack).
    * Make sure that creatures and NPCs are using the appropriate special abilities.

Non-Combat Targeting
Currently, non-combat targeting (furniture, instruments, etc.) are difficult to target and interact with.  We will be doing a system-by-system review for non-combat targeting to come up with better ways to target and interact with these items.
More Profession Specialization
This is something that is important to everyone.  We will put together an overview of what you can expect and update you as things develop.
Jedi Armor
This change is currently being worked on and Blixdev will be posting some details on the change in the next couple of days.
Armor Certifications
We want to change the way the armor system works so that all players have access to a wider variety of armor.  The armor system is part of many game systems and will take some time to change.
Radial menu
With regards to using the tilde "~" to pull up the radial menu instead of right-click, we understand that this is a functionality change to the way the game worked.  The solutions for this will not be focused on re-introducing the radial menu, but will be focused on making the game easier to use in different ways.  Essentially you won't need the radial menu as much as in the past, because we'll be making it easier to interact with world objects.
Missing Animations
There are instances where people are not seeing animations.  This is being worked on right now also.
Entertainer Profession
The Entertainer profession will have some new abilities in an upcoming publish (and also all of their old abilities).  When the plan is approved, we will make a development post to the community.  You can expect to see this post in upcoming weeks.
Trader Profession
The crafting community has many questions and requests regarding the Trader professions.  When the development plan is approved will post the developments to the community.  There is no ETA for this information yet, but it is currently in progress.

Nice to see experience rates are being given a bump back up again.
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RE: Community Update 29th Nov
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