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Where/How to find us (updated for CoV)

Started by |fury|, September 08, 2005, 10:26:08 AM

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It struck me that it might be useful to summarise the below information in one easy-to-digest sticky :)

#hamstercoh on quakenet is our dedicated CoH channel. If no-one's alive in there, feel free to pay our main channel, #hamsterserver a visit to see if anyone's playing or available to play (it usually doesn't take much coercing!)

Here is a good place to start :D you can get to our coh forums quickly by using the shorcut url http://coh.hamsterserver.com

We have two supergroups, one for CoH (H.A.M.S.T.E.R.) and one for CoV ( M.O.N.K.E.H.). Our server of choice is Defiant, although  we have a token existence on on Union too.

You can see most of our toons in Our hero/villain listing thread.

Signing Up:
If you'd like to join us in our fight against just about anything at all, we'd like to see you in action a couple of times first - it's worth making sure you're happy with the way we do things, and vice versa. Once both sides have established that it's worth carrying on, we can arrange the all-important invite :) Basically, we don't want smacktards in the SG, but other than that, there are no rules :D

Although a selection of our SG members have now moved on to other games, we still maintain a regular presence in-game - feel free to say hi if you see us on your travels!