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New pastures?

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Guys, I'm seriously thinking of joining a MoH clan.

I know that officially I can't do this (and could do it on the sly but won't) but we don't play matches against clans, we don't have practice nights or anything.

We're here for fun and so am I, but I also want to be a bit more serious about MoH.

You can probably tell I absolutely adore the game and think nothing else I've played even touches it. It doesn't help that I've not been much of a gamer, only playing it occasionally. Playing on online servers with n00bs isn't going to help me improve.

I've made a couple of enquiries into the clan, [EVO], explaining the situation here and they have said it would be fine to continue to be a member if I joined them.

Ideally, I want to be part of both groups, having fun and have a bit of seriousness but if you don't deem it possible, I'm afraid I'll have to leave the Hamsters :cry:

I would still be around and posting and I won't turn my back on you lot.

I really do hope you will agree to this 'cause I really don't want to leave.

My take on this from a personal view is, it would be a shame for you to have to leave as soon as you have joined because the group dont play the game u play to the level that you want to play it. I dont see an issue with you being in both groups, theres no conflict of interests and the hamsters certainyl didnt stop me from being part of a team for MCM2 when i was serious about that, the bottom line is its an admins decision to make, not mine, but i would urge the "admin team" to make the correct decision and not push away one of our most vibrant and certainly the best looking (sorry Cal.. :() members because they still stick to a set of rules drawn up during the days of the HamsteRs being serious about MOHAA.

Thats my 2 pence, love it or hate it..


Well our rules here don't say anything about it. I vaguely remember we had some unwritten rule about this but can't remember what it was. Anyway, I don't have any problem with what Vyano proposed - just need a few more admins peeps to throw their tuppences in.

Ja. As Arathrael mentioned in IRC - we're not a competetive MOHAA clan and haven't been (thank god) for some considerable time. Playing competetively for a MOHAA clan and being a Hamster in my view are not mutually exclusive

Indeedy. We're not really a clan anyway, more like a gathering :D


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