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Very very small text

Started by Rik_S, January 25, 2005, 11:23:01 PM

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I have recently developed a problem when viewing some web pages.

Basically the text is minute, barely readable.  It only happens on a few sites.  Some sites where it is a problem I can open other pages within and the text is normal sized.

I haven`t altered the resolution or display HOWEVER I did find my 2 yr old `playing` the other day and the result was a crashed PC.

Any suggestions :?



Thanks Fury, it would appear that my 2yr old had `fixed your  pooter Daddy` :?

You were right she had kindly set the viewing to `smallest`..I can`t wait to find out what else has changed :roll:


i accidentally do it all the time :D ctrl+wheel changes it when you're not looking ;)