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What Ports does NFS require open on the PS2

Started by Goatface, February 20, 2004, 08:02:50 PM

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I'm behind a router, so I need to set up some port forwarding. Anyone know what port the PS2 uses for Peer-to-peer on NFSunderground?

I can connect with most people but not with my mate, who's also on a router. I know that some servers will host the connection for you but only for a limited number of connections. That figures cos we have had a couple of races. If we set up port forwarding we can establish our own Peer-to-peer connection.

I'm hearing port 3658 whilst searching google. Anyone wanna confirm that or even correct me?


i think i'm the only other ps2 nfs:u user in here and i've not tried it online (no adapter for ps2)


No worries mate, got a reply from EA >>

Need for Speed Underground uses the following ports for online play.
If you are using a router or a firewall please be sure these ports are opened.

TCP 13505 - Buddy list / IM server
TCP 10900 - 10999 - Lobby ports
TCP 443 - DNAS server port

UDP 3658 & 3659 - peer to peer game ports
UDP 6000 - VOIP

Feel kinda guilty for buying the PS2 version