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Places to buy puter bits online....

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Thought i would slap down a topic for online shops for puter bits, just as a resource for people looking to buy bits.... - Nice bunch, not really high performance parts, but reasonably priced and good range. - Great shop no matter what Spikey thinks :D never had a problem, well priced, good stock, more performance oriented parts that Aria. - Extreme Cooling Heaven! Water, Prommie, Vapo, Peltiers they have it all, well priced too. If you need high performance, this is yer boy... - Expensive but do stock some stuff other places dont. - Used them once for some ram ages ago, aside from that couldnt really comment. - I think everyone knows these guys, i've found their customer service lacking, but they do have some good bargains from time to time. - Used em once, but others in the group have used them with varying degrees of success

If anyone has anymore feel free to post em below....


Ok, heres my links folder, any I have missed? :P

General PC Components and Hardware: < recommended quality memory specialists < Now owned by Argos re-direct to main argos website - business's only (formely

Price trackers: [/b]

Misco Group: [/b]

High Street: [/b]

ADSL Hardware specialists: [/b]

CD-R/DVD-R - Blank media and storage specialists: [/b] < recommended < recommended

Consumables: [/b]

Wholesale: [/b] - needs a login

Price comparison sites: [/b]

Bargains/2nd hand: [/b]

PC Games Retailers: [/b]

Misc Links[/b]

Nice one Spikey!!! I know a lot of them but even some of them are new to me..... :D

Be nice if we could give the ones weve had experience  off, marks out of 10.


Very recently I have used Aria, PC Nextday and Scan.

I took the opportunity of the 0% finance with Scan which was a bonus but a real pain to complete (forms etc..not all done on line :? ) and this delayed the order.  But it was complete and well packaged when it arrived.

Aria were very good and also very prompt :) .

PC Nextday were excellent.  They offered the Saphire 9800 pro at a silly price on a special.  They had a load of orders but mine was with me by the next service :)


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