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sound probs

Started by imort, October 09, 2003, 08:13:11 AM

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can anybody help?  when playing MOHAA after a short while my sound goes haywire...i.e. explosions repeating, also on breakthrough when people are trying to get released from prison and are spamming it goes again...it's quite hard to explain in text.. hope somebody understands......i have got onboard sound ASUS A7N266E..XP1800> TI200..512mem..  i have got new nforce chipset drivers..any ideas???? :?


Try to get the latest drivers for your motherboard (sound drivers).
You got this problem also with MOH Allied Assault?


maybe you have a rogue pak file in there with its' own sound stuff..

i'd remove all the 3rd party pak files, then re-add them one-by-one, testing the game after adding each file.


thanx ..i took out the last few maps i'd d/loaded ..fingers xssed it seems to be ok

SCoob [NL]

Had the same problem and it was also caused by some weird PAK file.