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Woman Leaves Dog In Car, Dog Crashes Car Into Supermarket

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Started by stickywhite, July 02, 2003, 08:23:41 PM

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some guy made a quite funny post at amdmb.com  and the abit rep  was caught hook line and sinker. a perfect example of why marketing people should leave tech support well alone  http://www.amdforums.com/showthread.php?s=23a36c39a0992835a8e20c17a9890397&threadid=238274
he's total lack of computer knowledge and his utter lack of sense of hummor creased me up so much this morning my laughing woke the wife up 8O

QuoteNF7-S and P4 3.2GHz system boot failure

I had a hard time getting the CPU in the socket but after much modification I got it to fit. Now I get nothing out of the system - no video no beeps - no nothing


Hmmm, okaaaaay, an Intel P4 into an AMD MOBO...

Very funny, but I can't decide if the ABIT guy was being an idiot or playing along, nobody could be that much of an idiot.. then againoccam's razor pplies I guess..

Reminds me of the one on some boards recently, cant remember which forums.  The guy claimed to have completly sealed his box and pumped it full of water :lol:
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