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Gamecube woes

Started by Spyke, June 10, 2003, 12:53:04 PM

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Last night the family Nintendo Gamecube's power button stuck in. No amount of jiggling or tapping ( or cursing ) could get it free.

I don't know if anyone here has one ( I know I know, shoulda coulda woulda  :roll:  :lol: ) but I wanted to take the case off and see if I can fix it. Well, it's got the wierdest looking fasteners, which I can barely see by the way, and I have no idea what tool is required ( besides my ten pound sledge hammer) to get it apart.

Any clues? It kinda looks like a Torx but I'm not sure.

The thing is still under warranty but that would mean sending it back and waiting...waiting... well you know the drill.


If the things still in warranty, send it back :evil:

I know, I know  :cry:  but  it is for the best  :D  and you wont break it mate


If you open the case whilst still in warranty there is a strong chance you will invalidate the warranty (check the small print).  If in doubt phone them up before proceeding.

A technician can normally spot if the case has been opened or not.


:twisted: OPEN IT :twisted:
:twisted: OPEN IT :twisted:

With a sledgehammer....no a chisel....a kitchen knife.

It`ll be far more satisfying in the short term :twisted: ...but perhaps not so in the long term :?

Seriously, if theres a warranty send it back.


Say it Homer Simpsonlike mumbling  " Stupid Gamecube, making my life miserable with those darn kids in my ear, when's the Gamecube going to be fixed, I'll fix them and their 'cube, send them back, if I had my gun mumble mumble...."  :evil:  :lol:  :lol: .


Check this out, the store where I bought it has a 90 day warranty. Nintendo's is one year. So I phoned Nintendo and told them what was happening. The techs answer " take a toothbrush and some warm water and try to clean out the button  8O " So I said " Well, the button being dirty isn't the problem, the system is clean as new and besides, you want me to put water in the button. What if that fixes the button but messes something else up seeing as how water and electronics don't mix that well" " If you get water in it that wouldn't be under warranty as that would be misuse", snotty as hell by the way.

Holy freakin' crap! If I coulda reached through the phone  :evil: .
So then they tell me to box it up and ship it to one of their service centers ( shipping paid by me by the way ) and they'll see if they can fix it there. Oh yeah and if they find that it's dirty then I have to pay for the repairs.
Calm, just be calm...

So, back to the original question. Does anyone know what type of fasteners that hold this thing together?


The Super Nintendo had these fiddly little plastic clip things that broke almost immediately when the case was opened as well as funny looking screws. I ended up just breaking open the case to get inside it - managed to snap one of the screws in half as well! 8O.
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