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Refresh rates

Started by Spyke, May 02, 2003, 08:48:38 PM

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Should a fella go with the highest refresh rate that your monitor will handle or is there a correlation between this and how your video card performs  :scratch: ?

I know that too low causes a flicker that nearly tears my eyes out, so higher is better but to a point?

Also, what drivers do you recommend for an ATI Radeon 9100 ? Sometimes newer is not always better. Card will be used with a p4 2.4 if that helps any  :roll:  :wink: .


Higher is always better! Most importantly it's easier on the eyes. There's no reason i can think of to set a lower refresh rate than the highest one your monitor can give you.

As an NB, if you have Quake 3 running at 150FPS and your monitor is only redrawing 60 times a second (60Hz), that can get messy.

I know naff all about Radeon - sorry!