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Linux Redhat

Started by SCoob [NL], April 20, 2003, 05:37:29 PM

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SCoob [NL]

Finally got it running now, only have to get WinXP to connect as well on this machine. :o


Redhat rules! :D I have it on my linux box too :D
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SCoob [NL]

I can get on the net with it, but still having probs getting on my Windows machine and visaversa :(

Any tips?

My Linux machine has 2 netcards, one I can activate, the otherone won't be activated. :(
I've got the right type selected, but no luck.
It's connected with a crosscable to the Win machine.


have you set up samba?


I have gone the samba route, there are a few howtos about and it was that easy i forget how i did it. I am using RH8 on this machine (laptop)


Quote from: LoveQuafferAngelI have gone the samba route, there are a few howtos about and it was that easy i forget how i did it.

same here  :oops:

SCoob [NL]

Nope, will do that, thanx.
I also have to add some extra memory to the PC, RH is eating lots of it :(


how much ram do you have in there and how big is your swap partition?

SCoob [NL]

128Mb installed, dunno the size of the swap, will check that when I switch it on again :)



My cousin, bless her cotton socks, has been diagnosed with a pretty nasty illness, one which basically leaves her unable to use windows.... mainly due to the flashy lights and such like.... sounds like a joke but i assure you it isnt.... Anyways, when she did her PhD she was using Unix all day every day..... and since i have just given her one of my PC's and built her her own server, she wants Linux/Unix back, she borrowed a friends PC with it on for a couple of days.... now dats koo koo fo sho by me, but i'm having some issues with getting Linux to download...... she's on fiddy six kay, so......

Would it be possible for one of you nice lads with Linux ISO's already burnt onto disk to send me a version of Redhat?? The FTP servers are a nightmare and i cant get it to download.....

Cheers lads, if u need my addy, please PM me...



tbh i'm not sure where my rh8 cds are :D

have you visited http://www.linuxiso.org ? i seem to remember it only took me a couple of days to get everything i needed for redhat from there.. the use of a download manager is recommended ;)


Nope, never been there bud, will check it out tonight, i generally dont use a dl manager since DSL is plenty fast enough for most files.... i guess i'll hav to install filehound again.....

Ta muchly!



Maybe a bit late, but here are direct links to  ISOS of RH 8. It's hosted on the swedish university network, and usually the d/l speeds are at max when getting stuff from there.

CD 1, CD 2, CD 3, CD 4, CD 5


I took the Htwo route recently and went with Gentoo, that is a bloody experience and a half. Not for the faint hearted, very good support community though and excellent forums