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i cannot start a poll  in the hamsterserver news forum, is this deliberate? or is this not available there?
big thanks

I think we should start a poll to see if peeps think its deliberate :wink:

I voted no - a poll is not news although the result of a poll may be!  :wink:  But there are millions of other forums to use - why not try one of the others?  :D

I think polls should be made availble to all HamsteR's.

Where they are made, im unsure ?

And if its for the development of HS1 and the forums, then it should be encouraged. At the end of the day the Big HamsteR has final say.


i just voted dont care, but then i have been at the stella all night :D

to ask hamsters only a question/poll you have a choice of news,public,vsuk,teamwork and server bookings.
if news is not relevant which one is?
big ta!


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