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How about a new forum for vetting requests?

They seem to get lost in the general section, and surly it would save the moderators alot of time?

So no more sifting through the general section  :wink:

Everyone who comes and registers is up for vetting -its not that you have to request it for it to be done.

However, seeing as it is designed to filter out the chaff, there will be people who want to get vetted (so they can hammer our downloads section) who won't be - these people shouldn't be encouraged to make begging requests in the forum. The roadmap from registering to becoming vetted is well documented for those willing to use the forums properly and have a look round.

I'm happy that the current process is an effective one, but it's up to Undergrid i suppose  :D

I'd agree with jonathan, just because someone asks in the General forum to become vetted doesn't mean they will.  In fact there are currently about a dozen or so who have specifically asked to be vetted who are not simply because its about the only post they have made..

Oh, OK.

Just thought i'd ask :?  :wink:


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